15 Sep

To date the Liberian Registry has surpassed all other vessel management flags in terms of tonnage.

The Liberian Registry has been admitted to the United States Coast Guard's QUALSHIP 21 (QS21) program.

QS21 recognizes ships and flag states that have successfully met specified safety, regulatory and quality requirements when calling in the United States.

We are the only ones to offer the Harmonized Audit Program service (ASI,ISM,ISPS : Max 7-10 hours / 1 visit with which we support the senior management team in those ports where the PSC is very active so as to intervene immediately as a flag so to avoid a potential “ship detention”. 

The Technical / Crew office will have the possibility of free access to our SEA system, a versatile and easy to use web-based system that allows operators to electronically file and request seafarer documents.

Verification of all certificates issued in electronic version is free. I hope you can consider increasing the number of your vessels under the Liberia Registry I enclose for your viewing the following presentations:

 - Liberian FLAG 

– Top Advantages, Rev. 07/2022 

- Corporate Registry: Advantages of Liberia, Rev. 06/2023 

- Corporate Registry: Re-domiciliation into Liberia, Rev. 11/2022.